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Forsaken World

April Fool's Day

By clearmind | Sun 31 Mar 2019 10:00:00 AM PDT



April Fool’s Event


On April Fool’s Day, it is custom to play harmless tricks and jokes on your friends, family, and anyone really!  This tradition dates back a long time.  The true challenge is convincing others the joke is initially believable!

Join in the holiday fun with Swindle, Taunt and Henry!



Event Begins: April 1, 2019

Event Ends: April 7, 2019



Event NPCs

April. 1 Agent Swindle

April. 1 Agent Taunt

Located in Nightfall Citadel

Players must be Lv60+ to participate


Quest 1: Blowkiss

Use of the “Kiss” action will complete this quest.  Once completed, the reward will be placed directly in your bag, so please make sure to have bag space!


Reward:  April Fool Chest

Quest 2: True and False

Which Henry is the real one!?

Which Henry is which!?

You must choose which Henry you think is the real one!

Once you decide, you can complete the quest with the Henry you think is real by choosing the option highlighted above. 

The quest will complete and your reward will be placed directly in your bag, so please make sure to have bag space!



If you chose correctly, you will get April Fool Chest x3

If you chose incorrectly, you will get an April Fool Chest

Quest 3: Gift Exchange

The 3rd April Fool’s quest will only become available after you complete one of the previous 2 quests described above.

Shortly after accepting this Quest, it will be completed automatically.  You will receive one Weird Box in your inventory (please make sure to have bag space available).


What exactly is this Weird Box?  You need to open it to find out!  You may get a special title and item!




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