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Forsaken World

Sakura Love

By clearmind | Sun 05 May 2019 10:00:00 AM PDT



Sakura Love Event


Orphius the Bard has traveled all over the continent of Oeste.  Wherever he goes, sakura blossoms follow, which attracts many curious visitors – including a beautiful lady, a cute rabbit, and a malicious flower thief.  Why are they here and where are they going?


Event Begins: May 6, 2019

Event Ends: May 20, 2019



Event NPCs


Located in Nightfall Citadel

Players must be Lv60+ to participate



During the event, players Lv60+ can accept quests from Orphius at the Temple of Faith in Nightfall Citadel.  On the quest, you will discover beauty, protect the sakura, and defeat the flower thief to obtain rewards!


Quest 1: Sakura Love


Follow the quest instructions to find the NPC.  The NPC will show up outside the north and east gates of Nightfall Citadel on random realms.


Quest 2: Withering Sakura Tree


Find and water the Sakura Tree by following the quest’s instructions.  The tree that needs to be watered will randomly be at one of the following locations – East Gate of Nightfall Citadel, North Gate of Freedom Harbor, or South of Judgement Square.



Quest 3: Chase Away Thief


You will be tasked with defending the Sakura Tree at the Fountain Square in Nightfall Citadel.  You will need to defeat the correct thief to complete the quest.  If you defeat the wrong thief, you will lose HP.




For each completion of the three quests above, you will obtain 1 Sakura Tree’s Gift, as well as a chance to obtain a Sakura Love.

Sakura Tree Gift



Sakura Love


Sakura Tree’s Gift will give a random number of Sakura Petal when opened, which can be used at the NPC to trade for various items!



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