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Patch Notes: Version: NW.105.20181022a.16

By Julia (nitocris83) | Wed 14 Nov 2018 05:31:15 PM PST




  • Many new opportunities have arisen for alchemists on the Sword Coast, and as a result, their applications are no longer the most common ones to appear.

Workshop and Quest Flow

  • Bolden and Tress now appear in the player's workshop after completing The Grand Upgrade.
  • Players can no longer unexpectedly end up in (or intentionally visit) other players' workshops.
  • Players can no longer manage to have their own workshops ranked up early by being in someone else's workshop when they upgrade--and, as a result, get stuck in the quest line.
  • Players in a broken state can now turn in their upgrade quest.
  • Players no longer become stuck in the "Order an item at the Dispatch Board" or "Wait for hte Gathering Task to Complete" steps of the tutorial quest, Running a Workshop.
  • Running a Workshop: This quest now recognizes a wider variety of gathering tasks for credit.

Crafting and Crafted Items

  • Brightsilver Talisman is now item level 495 at Uncommon rarity, up from 435.
  • Recycle: This skill now correctly affects items that have been Ordered. (Note that if it's a repeat assignment, the refunded materials will immediately be used to start another assignment.)
  • Supplements no longer sometimes affect multiple repeats of an assignment through a single use.


  • The Exchange prompt now properly appears if the player has only Bills of Labor in their toolbox.




Release Notes


Content and Environment

Acquisitions Incorporated

  • Manycoins Bank Heist has been removed from the Random Queue rotation for now.
  • Retrieval Operation: The "Talk to Jim Darkmagic" step of this quest no longer automatically completes for players when one player completes it.
  • The repeatable quest "Basement Investigation" is now infinitely repeatable instead of just weekly, and now gives fewer acorns per run.


  • Collecting rewards at the end of a queued instance no longer has a chance to prevent others from collecting those rewards.
  • Illusionist's Gambit no longer gives Bronze success after clearing the first wave of enemies. And is once again selectable in the queue UI.
  • Players are no longer blocked from completing the quest Doomguide's Duty and Clockwork Tomb.
  • Tomb of the Nine Gods: Players who gain the Temp HP buff in the Avatar Orcus encounter no longer keep it after the encounter ends. (We're looking into other reported issues with this encounter.)
  • Various queued instances should no longer have a chance to break if the player re-queues directly from within the map.


  • Wonders of Gond and Tymora's Gift have been re-added to the event calendar, and we've scheduled a Wondrous Bazaar discount this coming weekend too.



Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Guardian Fighter: Griffon's Wrath can no longer be used infinitely.



Items and Economy


  • Hunter Expedition Pack has been removed from the Zen Market.
  • Merchant Prince's Folly once again drops Chult campaign currency.
  • Weird tokens, e.g. "Mission Perk Tracker - Tomb of the Nine Gods," will no longer take up inventory space.
  • Wiggins the Undead Intern now gives bonus acorns as appropriate.

Consult Expedition Pack

  • Profession Packs are now properly in Questionably Procured Goods.
  • Players who claimed the Questionably Procured Goods should now have a Profession Pack in the mail for each of the goods they claimed.



User Interface


  • Chult maps, and other similar interactions, once again properly allow the player to view them multiple times.

Character Sheet

  • Item Level calculations no longer go super out-of-whack in level scaled areas.


  • Claiming a reward choice pack, such as an artisan pack from your retainer, no longer prevents other reward popups from showing up for the rest of the session.


  • "Sell All" in sell-only stores (such as the Profession exchange or South Seas Trading Company) no longer sells items that are equipped.
  • "Sell All" in sell-only stores no longer sells items with enchantments or armor kits.



Art, Animation, Effects, and Audio


  • Player characters riding a manticore no longer T-pose to assert dominance.





  • A fix pass has been made to various French and German text.



Remaining Known Issues

We know there are more, but here are some of the highlights.

  • Acquisitions Incorporated repeatable quests are only repeatable weekly, preventing the player from reaching the campaign currency cap on the first week.
  • Companions and Soul Puppets snooze after a while of standing idle; this will be reverted in a later build.
  • Cotton Petasos don't hide a character's hair, leading to egregious clipping.
  • Crafted capes and mantles currently do not change the character's appearance when equipped.
  • Feathered Ilhuilli is lower item level at Uncommon quality than expected. It is currently 455, and will be 515 after this is addressed.
  • In French, Lady Begum has a line of voice-over that doesn't make sense in context. This will be updated in a later build.
  • Legendary tools for the Gathering profession have Recycle, which doesn't help with Gathering tasks.
  • Profession coupons do not currently apply to items in the Professions category.
  • Requirements for certain items at the Stronghold Bloomery and Goldsmith structures currently require outdated Masterwork ranks.
  • "Second Chances" can be accepted multiple times, though it cannot be completed multiple times.
  • Text in certain artisan recruitment packs incorrectly claims the contents will be alchemists. The names of the packs are correct.
  • There are two Fleeces. The one from Illusionist's Gambit will be renamed to Enchanted Fleece in a later build.

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